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Holy crap

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I honestly did not think I did as well as I did in AAS 33A, considering that I got a D in AAS 33B last semester. -_- That pulls up my abysmal cumulative GPA of 2.640 up to 3.053!

Man that feels SO good. ( ˉωˉ)

My Spring schedule for fun
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Eww, Math. :OOO

Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars (BJ&TJ Remix)

Yay, I'm reinforcing my Asian stereotype. :D

It's part of a 2 hour trance mix but I can rip it for ya. :O
I failed at being Asian starting from Grade 8. :(

Oh, sure! I didn't know you listened to English music now too. :P
Since it was a nonstop mix, I tried to make the rip seamless. Enjoy!